Monday, April 18, 2011

New Book on Organic Gardening on the Prairies

I always love a book written specifically for Prairie gardeners.  We have a special (very special) set of circumstances here, and bugs and diseases specific to our area.  How many times, while working in retail horticulture here in Brandon, did I have people come into the nursery convinced they had a bug or disease that is not even present in our area!  They had found some info in some book, or on the web and had self-diagnosed and were self-treating, without great results.  So, every time I see a book by Hugh Skinner or Sara Williams, I get excited!  Skinner is part of a family who has done great things in breeding plants for our cold climate, and Williams is a professor of hort who has done great things in educating cold climate gardeners.  When I moved to Manitoba from Vancouver, Williams book 'The Prairie Xeriscape' was super-duper useful in educating me about my new climate and the plants that would thrive.  If you're trying to garden organically this new tome is awesome!  Highly recommend it!

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