Thursday, April 28, 2011

Come Swimming in Our Local Park?

Manitoba's Spring Flood Watch continues.  We are completely safe here at Aagaard Farms; it doesn't look like an unusual Spring at all around the Farm.  Thanks for the emails and calls (Hi, Verlene!)  Some of our neighbours are not quite so lucky.  Pictured is our local park 'Cornwallis Park', in the RM of Cornwallis, along Veteran's Way, just outside of Brandon.  It is a lovely little park, usually along the riverbank.  At this time, it is one big lake, almost up to the highway.  Grand Valley Strawberries, the upick strawberry farm, is in the trees to the left of the picture and is sandbagged and seeping!  Around Westman, I am of the understanding that officials believe we have crested and the water will not get any higher, barring big rains.  Other areas of Manitoba are still waiting for the crest.  Thing about flooding of this magnitude is that the repercussions will be felt for years.  Farmers will not be able to get on their land to plant, the crop may never be finished this year, the farmers will have no money to shop for anything so businesses in the area will see a drop in business and may have to lay off employees.  Effects are far reaching, because we're all inter-connected!  Let's hope it dries up quickly!


  1. Thanks for the update. I've been wondering how many of the communities out there were faring and it's interesting to know the many effects of these floods.

  2. Have you had this much water before in your time there? I have been in that area through the Grand Valley as I used to come up to the Ag Can Farm for disease evaluations of barley some years back.
    Yard cleanup is going well here and now one can see the new shoots beginning to poke through.

  3. In the seven years we've been here, we've never seen it like this. Grand Valley Road, between the Trans Canada and 18th Street in Brandon is closed and under water close to Brandon! It seems weird that everything is fine, nothing special at the farm but as we drive into town we see weirder and weirder sights!