Sunday, April 24, 2011

It's a Great Day: Kittens and Garlic Are Growing!

A Happy Easter Sunday to all!  We're finally having a day with the temperature hitting double digits (in Celsius)!  That should help get rid of the last of the snow!  We've been out for a wee stroll around the farm.  The garlic is up!  And we've had excellent germination.  We love our garlic for cooking, and we just can't bring enough to the Farmers Markets.  We planted almost double last fall - so good to see it coming so well.  A short row of 'fancy' garlics is about an inch taller than 'Music', our standard.  Those are showing a bit of frost damage on the tips but seem to be growing strongly.

Also had a peek at the kittens in our stroll.  They are growing well, too!  Starting to rather clumsily wander from their 'nest'.  They are soooo cute and a perfect experience for a lovely Easter Sunday!  We hope you all enjoy your day!

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  1. New growth and baby animals - it must be spring!