Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello, Ladies!

 A little treat for The Hens, and Rocky!  They love their scratch!  The Browns (Isa Browns) we raised from day-old chicks and they are quite comfortable with us.  We've handled them a bit since they were little babies.  The Whites (Leghorns) we acquired when they were older and they have never been as comfortable with us.  Plus, in my opinion, the Leghorns are just 'flightier', way more jumpy!  You can see Rocky the Rooster's body in behind the Browns.  He's fairly comfortable with us - he was hand-raised by a nice young man as a 4H project and has always been well treated.  And no, it doesn't hurt when they peck at my hand.  It's kind of like being gently poked with a fork.  A bonding moment, don't ya know?

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