Monday, April 26, 2010

Brandon's Earth Day Celebrations!

Sunday was the City of Brandon's official Earth Day celebrations and it was a resounding success! A great turn-out on what started as a nice, sunny Spring day but turned a little cool and cloudy. (We finally got a little rain later in the day, and we are absolutely not complaining!) The big draw was the opportunity to buy an awesome rain barrel for a mere $25! I had a good look and it was an excellent barrel and a fabulous deal! Info on composting, recycling, conserving water was there, the Community Garden Network was there, Habitat for Humanity was well represented by our friends Menno and Evelyn Isaac. Marquis Project was supplying coffee, free bison burgers were supplied by the City and the organizing committee, the City had their compost there and people were filling buckets and bags. (I don't actually know if there was a charge for the compost) Some great vendors were there like Pollock Farms with certified organic spelt flour, Common Ground bakery from St. Boniface and Wild Wind Natural Skin Care. We were there selling seed potatoes, including some of our exotic varieties, and talking about CSA and the upcoming Farmers' Markets. It was a great day in the park!


  1. Sounds wonderful! Did you get any new CSA converts?


  2. Not yet! We'll see if anybody reaches out and 'touches' us in the next few days!