Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blue Pumpkin

If you read the last Dark Day Challenge post, we were gifted part of a blue pumpkin.  This came to us from our market gardening pal Marlene Trelka.  Marlene has grown these for a few years; she was given the seed by a neighbour (now passed away) who called it a New Zealand pumpkin.  We've grown something like this before: we knew it as an Australian pumpkin, it may be a Queensland Blue, but it's smooth enough that we think it is Crown Prince.  Regardless, it is absolutely awesome eating, and as you can tell from the skin, a fabulous storage pumpkin.  We've removed and are drying the seed for planting this spring.  It's hard to find here, so we are ecstatic to have the seed.  Thanks, Marlene!!!

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