Saturday, April 24, 2010

Follow the Voyage of the Plastiki!

In all the Earth Day blogs, web site entries and news reports, the one I found most interesting was the Voyage of the Plastiki! The Plastiki is a boat made entirely of garbage plastic. it looks fantastic! It's making it's voyage to bring awareness to the pollution of our oceans. Did you know that, particularly in the Pacific, between North America and Japan, there are floating 'islands' of garbage thrown out by humans. These islands are large, floating, whirling masses of lightweight plastics largely, products that could be recycled. The pictures I saw were compelling, 'ghosts' of sheet plastics twirling in the current, sea lions wrapped in plastic, birds with their heads trapped in pop can holders! I mentionned littering in my Earth Day post because I see it around us all the time. People think our quiet country road is a good place to dump garbage - we've had everything from bags and boxes to old TV's and mattresses dumped in our ditch. Funny thing is, the Brandon Dump is about the same distance from town as we are, just in the opposite direction! Public ads about littering have been around since the '70's; why are we still doing it? And in such quantity to create floating islands? Check out the Voyage of the Plastiki here, follow the blog to see what's happening daily and check out some of their events and info!

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