Thursday, April 15, 2010

Chickens as Pets!

Chickens can make great pets! Pets with benefits - fresh eggs every day! My dogs and cats don't give us eggs or anything useful - just lots of love (and mischief). Chickens, as you'll see from the video, know their owners and come running! And it's not just that Farmer Man has been spoiling them a little of late; he has been generous with the scratch and The Hens and Rocky love their scratch. They always come running when we approach the coop. Chickens are currently the hot mascot of the urban homesteading movement, and there is quite a bit of controversy in some cities as citizens lobby to be able to keep a few backyard chickens.


  1. OMG -- that's just too funny!!


  2. Cuuute! Ugh I want my own chickens so bad! Stupid city of Winnipeg and their exotic species bylaw. How in the heck is a chicken considered an exotic species?

    love yours.