Thursday, April 22, 2010

For Earth Day - A Bath!

Happy Earth Day to everyone! It's hard to believe that the event has been happening for 40 years! And people are still littering..........The Hens decided to get ready early with a little bath. Chickens have dust baths; they find or dig out a little hollow, jump in and use their feet and wings to throw dust up on their backs. Then they shimmy-and-shake it through their feathers. Throw some more up and do it all again! (This would go great to music!). It's certainly dry enough here for them to have easy access to dust, so they are happy and clean Girls!


  1. Happy Earth Day Norah & Jes. May you have a wonderful season...

  2. Thank you, Sheri! We trust you're doing something eco-friendly for Earth Day?

  3. I rescued about 25 pots of lily bulbs which were starting to rot in the ground. I just keep planting. Hopefully if we all plant we can make a dint in the plant life.

    Happy spring!