Monday, February 1, 2010

Dark Days: Locale Makes Such A Difference to Eating Local!

We've been away, in the Mexican Baja. What a difference location makes! There is an orange tree in the backyard of the little house we were staying in! Fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast! We've been eating local: Farmer Man loves the back alley taco stands, the working man's breakfast joints, the little street corner grills. We've only cooked a couple of times, but we did manage to cook local! Our Baja friend sent us to a wonderful rental place on the West Coast, just south of Todos Santos (if you're even considering the Baja check out this place) This is surfer country - just like every Beach Boys song you've ever heard! You have to go either with a vehicle or with enough groceries to last you. Our Baja friend sent us to the Organic Market in San Jose on Saturday morning, then took us to her fav market in Cabo on the way to the West Coast. Dinner was fresh scallops pan-seared and finished with the little, tiny, adorable local limes. A fresh salad with all the veg from the organic market: lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, green onion, mushrooms. And a veggie roast in tin foil with local potatoes, onions, garlic and a great winter squash that looks like Tondo. We were having such a nice time that I forgot to take a picture! The next day, a friend of our host's brought by a piece of freshly caught wahoo fish and what a revelation that was! New to us, it's has a clean, light flavour with great texture and flake! Would love to be able to find wahoo up in Canada! I guess we'll just have to return to the Baja......

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