Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can You Believe These Apples?

Just before Christmas, I scored some apples from Ed and Marilyn Clayton of Clayton Organic Orchard in Elkhorn, Manitoba. Now, Ed is 'plugged-in' to the Prairie fruit world, and has a chance at new varieties before they are released to the public. He brought 'Prairie Rose', a new variety related, I believe, to 'Prairie Sun' and 'Prairie Sensation'. 'Prairie Rose' we were able to try in the fall, when we scored some apples for CSA. It was tart and crisp and juicy and lovely, bright red! The box of apples he brought before Christmas were from his new root cellar, and they were in great shape! Well, I made use of some of them and then, for interests' sake and lack of time, put some in our root cellar. Well, here we are almost at the end of February, and these apples are great! Yes, there are only a few I would like to eat raw: they are a little soft and wrinkled. There were a few with really soft spots (which The Hens enjoyed immensely, tossed with some yogurt). But, it's February!! These will cook up beautifully. Hmmm, stuff a winter squash? Apple muffins? This is a great variety to keep an eye out for at the garden centre - although it may be a year or two before they are available to us regular folk! In the meantime, try it's great cousin 'Prairie Sun'.


  1. What an improvement these new varieties are. We do not grow any yet but I would sure like to try them myself.

  2. U of S is doing great things for Prairie gardeners right now! Especially in fruit!