Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dark Days Challenge: A Swing and a Bit of a Miss...

Farmer Man is away on a bit of a sabbatical and I'm finding it hard to cook for one. I'm eating local - porridge from local oats, spelt and flax almost every morning. Eggs for lunch frequently, but dinner has mostly been less than nutritious 'grazing'. So, I decided to roast one of our Berkshire hams, a little one, and then have leftovers for sandwiches, pastas and the quiche I've kind of been craving. I'll admit to you right here and now that Farmer Man is the cook of the family. So, I go on the Web and look up roasted ham, find some easy instructions and proceed. I decided on a one pot meat and veggie thing, because clean-up is not my favourite. So, a bottom layer of our homegrown potatoes, onions and carrots, some turkey stock and the ham. Well, the veggies turned out almost too salty to eat, tasty but salty. I also roasted the last Delicata squash which was scrumptious - can't say enough about how well they matured in storage. Lots of leftover ham for the rest of the week!

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