Monday, February 22, 2010

Caution! Bear on Duty!

Proceed at your own risk!! Vicious Bear on duty! Yes, that's Teddy Bear, the Diva Dog of Aagaard Farms! She was our first dog; we had her before we moved to Brandon, and yes, she's a little spoiled. But, she does take her duties very seriously, and spends much time, especially at night, sitting on the driveway barking a warning to the world! She's actually a little better at it than the farm dog, Blaze (don't tell Blaze I said that....), who would rather be lying at Farmer Man's feet. Although she's slowing down a bit, and on medication for arthritis, she's still the one in charge here! Squirrels, magpies - watch out!


  1. She looks so fierce in this picture! Intruders, approach at your own risk!!


  2. What an amazing little dog she is! I hope to be that perky when I reach her age.