Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Old Cat

This is Peanuts; he came with the farm.  Between Farmer Man and his sisters, we've figured his age to be twenty or twenty one.  That's pretty old for a cat!  He doesn't do much anymore: a lot of sleeping, gets up now and then to yowl in the middle of the kitchen floor for no apparent reason (rather disturbing at four in the morning!), cries if the water bucket gets too low for him to reach in easily.  He doesn't like to be brushed anymore, so he looks a little ratty.  He can't hear a thing now, either.  This winter, his new favourite spot is in the bathroom, which we keep a little warmer than the rest of the house.  He likes to curl up right beside the base board, for hours on end.  He won't budge, even though we're stepping past him to get in and out of the shower.  Every now and then, we take a close look, just to make sure he is still breathing.

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