Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ten Thing That Make Me Happy!

A wonderful game of 'tag' is going on in the blogosphere!  I was tagged by Prairie Girl (Thank You!), who's list of ten things was heartwarming!  And then, her 'tag', she lists some great blogs to check out, introducing me to some fabulous sites!  So, Ten Things That Make Me Happy:

  • Farmer Man, who puts up with me in the nicest possible way!
  • Two great sisters, who are always there for me!
  • Blaze, Teddy Bear, Panda Bear, Grizzly Bear, Peanuts the Old Cat and Blondie.  I am so fortunate to be in the position to have soooo much love!
  • Good friends: even though many are far away, they always reach out to me over the years and the miles.
  • Keeping up with my nieces and nephew on Facebook.
  • Getting fresh, warm eggs from the coop; it's a miracle everyday.
  • Eating awesome food that Farmer Man and I raised!
  • Chocolate
  • Good coffee with lots of cream and honey, every morning!
  • Watching something that I planted grow!
Ten was actually kind of easy; I could easily think of more!  And this was a great exercise, I haven't been feeling fabulous lately: a little sick, a little busy, a little procrastinating which makes me feel guilty.........I feel so much better now!!

My 'tag' may not be responded to completely, but I want to share some blogs that make me happy, not all of which I have a relationship with, so they will not know they've been tagged.  Even if I don't 'tag' you 'cause you don't have a blog, try this anyway (I'm taking to you Cathy, Keltie, Organic Sherry, Calla and Linda!)
  • Susan, Farm Girl Fare for daily doses of cute that make me smile!
  • Laura, Urban Hennery for farm life and great cooking.
  • The Sartorialist, because I love fashion even though it has little to do with my life!
  • Jamie, Square Pearl, whose designs adorn me on a regular basis.
  • Clayton of Prairie Garden in Saskatchewan, who has gorgeous pictures of flowers in his greenhouse, even when we're really, really cold outside.
  • Garden Rant, for all things gardening all the time.
  • Bill, Word....from Willow Garden.  The Universe doesn't talk to just anybody.........
  • Aeleen, Prairie Girl Studio.  Even though she 'tagged' me, check her blog, it makes me happy!
  • I'm going to 'tag' all the bloggers of the Dark Days Challenge over at the Urban Hennery.  Check out that blog for links to all the fabulous food bloggers involved in the eating local challenge!
Do follow the links from Prairie Girl to the bloggers who have previously been tagged.  Reading the lists will make you happy!


  1. So glad I help make you happy -- right back atcha!!


  2. Insert some sort of 'Hallmark Moment' here!

  3. ah, know what? i am just happy reading your happy list ... smiling from ear to ear!
    thanks so much for playing along ... i went to each of your links as well ... isn't it cool where we can go in blogosphere?
    you really do write wonderfully and it is always fun to check in to see what is happening 'down on the farm' ...
    and i just peeked over at canadian gardening to see what's happening there ... and wow, girl, you've got lots of views!
    i am ROOTING for you all the way!
    prairiegirl xo

  4. Prairie Girl; it was a great exercise - thanks for inviting me! Just soooo helps to refocus!