Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Harvesting Compost

We'll be needing some compost soon: to pot up plants and mix up some seed starter. Of course, outside, the compost is frozen solid and everything we've dumped in since November has not broken down. So we're getting ready to harvest the worm compost. We've got red wigglers on the go, and they are ready for some new bedding and fresh food. To harvest the existing compost, I move it all to one side in the box and set up the now open side with fresh bedding (newspaper strips, dampened) and fresh food (from the compost pail, the older and moldier the better!). In a couple of weeks, in theory, the worms will have migrated out of the old stuff and into the new stuff. I'll still go through the compost when I remove it and move any worms I find into the new stuff. And we'll have a nice little bucket to get spring planting started!

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