Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dark Days Challenge Meals

It's been soooo interesting joining the Dark Days Challenge. One thing we've realized is that we've really gotten into a rut about cooking. Yes, we're trying to use only what we grew, and yes, we're in the frozen North without the choices of people in California or the Southern States. But, some of these people are really inventive with their cooking, some are making their own breads and buns on a regular basis, which we've been too lazy to do. So, this week's local food is pretty boring, but we're motivated to try harder! Dinner Wednesday night was our own Berkshire pork chops, seasoned and roasted. Served with our own Roko potatoes and carrots. For breakfast the next morning, Berkshire bacon, a nice thick cut, with fresh eggs right out of the coop! It ain't fancy, it ain't pretty (the food styling thing still needs work, too) but it sure was tasty!

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  1. I don't care if it ain't fancy, those are some mighty tasty dishes. Your breakfast dish is making my heart flutter!

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