Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chicken Pinata!

I posted a picture of our chickens going for the 'toy' we'd put in the coop: a suet feeder stuffed with bread. One comment referred to it as the 'chicken pinata', which we love! Exactly; a party for the hens featuring a pinata! Well, our faithful reader (and my sister) Keltie requested video. So, here you go, Sis: pinata party for the hens!


  1. OMG -- this is too funny for words! I imagine a person could stand there for ages just watching the girls having fun!


  2. So true! When we go in the coop The Chicks, especially, like to peck at the snow on our boots. We can just stand inside the door for five minutes while they crowd around and peck at our feet!

  3. HA! ridiculous to see them all pecking so furiously as their food bounces around.