Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catching Up!

I've been away having a wee holiday with my two sisters. Great to be able to spend time with my big sisters without the interruption of kids, animals, phones and all the stuff of daily life. We've never done that before, and it was a delight! Poor Farmer Man was left here on the farm because, well, he's not a sister. He's been babysitting chickens, dogs and kitties. And, he's been starting seeds. The first peppers got planted this past week, and they are already popping up. Quite a chore to empty and clean the sun room, find and set-up all the equipment including tray racks, heating mats and grow lights. And all in a week of frigid temperatures with wind chills of -40C. While I was lounging by a pool, shopping madly and admiring the oranges on the trees. Now, it's time to get very, very busy! We're working on upgrading the website, we've got to get new brochures for the coming season, we've got a lot more seeds to start and we're already getting calls from people interested in garden rentals, CSA and farmers' markets! Here we go for another season!


  1. Cathy and I are grateful to Farmer Man for holding the fort so you could come on the adventure. Now back to reality for all of us!


  2. Reality is hard, verrrrrry hard.........