Monday, March 14, 2011

Growing, Again!

Farmer Man has been busy the last few weeks. He's cleaned out the sun room, moved in the seed starting unit that he built and he's started planting peppers. The first babies are up! We've got heat mats on the bottom level, to get things started that like some heat. The trays then move up, or start on a higher level if the seeds don't require bottom heat. All levels have grow/fluorescent lights. Eventually, the seedlings will move out onto folding tables in the room, where we do have some stand grow lights. From there, if it's warmer, the seedling trays will go out to our greenhouse (which is a little expensive to heat this time of year, hence the sun room start!) As the temperature has been a little cold, we've got the seed starting unit wrapped in plastic to keep the warmth in, and, in the last few chilly days, an electric heater, just for extra night time protection. Next, on Farmer Man's agenda: tomatoes! I'll probably get some herbs started pretty soon, too. And, of course, a flat of mesclun mix lettuces for some micro greens has to get started soon! Both The Hen and Farmer Man need some fresh greens! It is soooo good to have something growing again!Are you starting anything from seed?


  1. Looks good, Norah! Are you doing anything new in summer squashes this year?


  2. It is wonderful to see the new beginnings. I am planting late this year as we are away part of April and I don't want to leave this kind of thing for someone else to tend.

    Keltie and Norah have you tried the Mandan Banquet? We were so impressed with how they winter and the flavour. I think we still have one left. I need to check!

  3. Clayton, I just bought Mandan at Seedy Sunday - I think from Jim at Prairie Garden or maybe from Heritage Harvest Seeds. I can hardly wait! How are you using it? Kelt, it's a winter squash so I don't know if it will be ready when you're here. Well, there's always Greyhound.....

  4. Re the Mandan Banquet! Likely Heritage Harvest but maybe Jim has them now too. I don't buy from him anymore just cause what we need is fine off the shelf here at the local Peavey Mart.
    We used it as a vegetable baked in the oven. Good texture and flavour.