Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Dangerous Out There!

This time of year is very hard for Manitoba gardeners who like to surf the Web. Bloggers almost everywhere but here are enjoying the first signs of Spring; they're posting awesome pictures of snowdrops and tulips coming up, buds swelling, birds returning. Here in Manitoba, on March 21st, we have a weather warning: the forecast calls for a storm that could dump more than 15 cm (about a foot!) of snow over the next 48 hours. Oh, good! It's already weird here, we've had a little nice weather, then more snow. It's melted, gotten icy, then gotten more snow on top of the ice. The picture is our barn, the door and window on the left are in Farmer Man's shop, the door on the right leads to our little greenhouse. Looming overhead: the snow and ice slowly creeping down the roof. One good slam of the door and one of us, or a little Bear, could be buried. It's not cold, at least. Well, still below freezing, but not by much, which is nice by Manitoba standards. The only things greening up around here are the seedlings in our sun room!


  1. Train Blaze as a rescue dog, just in case anyone gets buried in a snow slide from the roof. Make sure he has a brandy cask for around his neck!


  2. Awesome idea, Kelto! Grand Marnier cask around his neck......

  3. I feel your pain. I'm so jealous of all the lovely spring bulbs down south and my yard is still snow locked. But we seem to be on the far side of winter now so any day so don't lose hope!