Friday, March 11, 2011

Ohhhhhhhh, Good.........

After a beautiful day yesterday - blizzard today. Now, I know that there are places in the world where the weather is truly outrageous - our thoughts go out to the people of Japan, and we've been worried all day about friends in Japan and tsunami prone areas like Hawaii, the Pacific Coast and Los Cabos. But, but, it's almost mid-March. And we're having a white-out! What melted yesterday is now a layer of ice under, at this time, four or five inches of new snow. It's going to be very interesting getting around the next few days. Of course, not all of us seem to mind as much: Blaze is enjoying himself immensely!


  1. Blaze looks very comfy laying on the soft, white snow. Contrary to your weather, it is 8 degrees in Red Deer and the roads are filled with HUGE puddles since many of the drains are plugged. People are running around in shirt sleeves enjoying the weather before things cool off again. I'm sure your chickens are extra happy in their clean, dry coop now that the snow has fallen again.I guess we can all be very grateful that our lives are carrying on regularly, with or without snow, unlike those in Japan.


  2. Cathy!!!! Blaze was almost all white when he came in that day. Today, we got much warmer and the six inches of fresh stuff was turning into big puddles everywhere! Very messy!