Saturday, February 19, 2011

Getting Ready for Seedy Sunday Brandon!

It's a busy, busy day getting ready for Seedy Sunday. Farmer Man is in the root cellar, weighing and bagging seed potatoes. I'm getting seeds ready for tomorrow's big event! We'll have seven different kinds of potatoes and five different kinds of winter squash. This is the first time we're officially selling, so we're not that organized: hand-written tags will be the order of the day! I did have some nice little glassine bags for saving seeds, so the seeds will be safe and sound. With the winter squash, we decided in the fall to let Mother Nature preserve the seeds for us in the original package: the squash. So, early this week, we opened the squash, scooped out the seeds, twirled them briefly in water to loosen the seed from the pulp, then separated them from the pulp as best we could. Then we lay them out on towels to dry for three days. It's worked out quite well! Now, I'm going through them as I package, to make sure it's all nice, plump seeds in every package. We're donating potatoes and eggs for the brunch tomorrow, I believe the Head Chef, Dave Barnes, is coming to pick them up later this afternoon. Brunch at 11:00 AM, seed sale starts at noon. Events go through the evening, ending with a social. Check out the poster here. It's all happening tomorrow, at Park Community Centre - hope to see you there!

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  1. hope you have a good day! over here in England our seed potatoes are grown at altitude in Scotland to minimise the risk of plant disease...the squash look lovely...