Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year: All The Best To You!

It's 2011! Another year is gone - and where did it go? 2010 seems to have gone by in a whirl! It was a big year for us; best year ever in terms of business. And we can see the possibilities and we're so excited about 2011! So what's happening at Aagaard Farms in the New Year? Well,.......

We may have new baby chicks on the way. One of the hens has been steadfastly sitting on a nest for about a week; 'going broody' it's called when a hen gets an urge to hatch. She'd have to sit there for a few weeks in order for a baby to form in the egg. And then we don't even know if Rocky has fertilized the eggs under her; there's no way he's 'doing it' with all The Hens. Time will tell!

Santa left a little envelope on the Christmas tree. The card inside said the enclosed cash was for goats! I've been wishing for goats for a while; I'm going to make soap and cheese and live happily ever after! First, we'll have to build some good fencing - goats are known to be escape artists. Then we need a good shelter, then they can come. Hopefully, the goats will come mid to late spring!

The Hens, any new livestock, and our flour are all going organic. We've ordered ourselves a wonderful grain mill - the Milapa - more on that later!

Oh, 2011 is going to be a great year! And we hope, for you, an interesting, profitable and fulfilling year! Best Wishes!


  1. Happy New Year. Goats, how wonderful. I look forward to pictures of the new goats. How are the cats doing?

  2. Happy New Year, Patty! I'll update the cats in a post shortly - they're all doing fine!