Thursday, January 13, 2011

Let's Help Riverheights School!

A new round of voting is on at the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest. If you haven't heard, Pepsi is supplying grants that different groups have applied for and you can vote to make it happen. My pet project, this round, is Brandon's Riverheights School, which needs to refurbish their playground. Since you have ten votes a day, but can only vote once for each grant application, I'm also voting for Biggar, SK, which is also trying to refurbish a playground, I'm supporting the building of a straw bale greenhouse in Grand Forks, BC, the building of a 'machine' that will recycle food scraps into fertilizer quickly, teaching underprivileged kids to grow food and, of course, some animal rescue organizations. Get online here and help support some great groups trying to improve their communities!

1 comment:

    thanks for this norah ~ it is very gratifying
    to be able to help with projects like this
    here and afar ... : )

    thanks always for coming by ~ love having you visit
    and giving me a boost!

    ps. emailing you shortly!