Friday, January 21, 2011

Dark Days Challenge: Week 7

A couple of good scores this week! Finally, local butter! In a little trip to Two Farm Kids, I found butter from Notre Dame Creamery, from Notre Dame de Lourdes, which is southeast of us. And, local seafood! Fresh pickerel from Lake Winnipeg showed up at the big-box grocery store! It's a little, wee bit out of the official range, but so close......!!

So, pickerel breaded and baked, with steamed garden carrots, the last of our beets, cubed buttercup squash and some parsnips. Mashed German Butterball potatoes completed the plate. A nice change from our home grown pork! The buttercup squash was delightful! I think it's getting sweeter in storage! Peeled and cut into one inch cubes, it steamed up very quickly.

We've also been thinking French Canadian meat pie or tortiere! We've got the stuff, and it would be a nice change from the meatloaf we make so often. Online, the recipes are numerous, with a myriad of variations. We made the crust with local flour, and adapted the recipe for the meat mixture. True tortiere involves cinnamon and all spice, and we passed on those totally non-local spices and used our own dried thyme and sage. Simply browned the meat, adding some homegrown onions and some of the left over mashed potatoes from pickerel night. Into the crust and baked! We ended up using organic ground beef and lamb from our friends at Logan Farms; our pork is a little fatty, but I think it would work well. Next time! Served with steamed buttercup squash and some fresh sprouts! The leftovers were good the next day, too! The variations on this are quite limitless; next time we may work in some of our (dwindling) carrots or other veggies.

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