Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

It has been a nice, sunny day but very chilly. We're still slip-slidin'-away with a dusting of new snow on top of icy roads and walkways! The Garage Kitties (previously known as the Feral Felines and the Wild Kitties) were chasing some sun, so I opened the garage doors to let them sun tan on the back of the truck. I also got one of those cheap sets of little plastic mesh balls with bells inside. Seems Garage Kitties like to play, too!


  1. ahhh, the midnight crazies (our preferred brand of cheap plastic bell balls). No cat, no matter their stripe, are able to resist. Lovely to see the cats all grown up now!

  2. Fortunately, the Kitties are in the garage, so I won't be waking up at midnight to the sound of these little balls getting whacked around! Next on the agenda: getting the little cats used to the animal carrier so that I can get them to the vet!