Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey, Manitoba Gardeners - Get Some Schoolin'!

With frigid weather upon us, what are Manitobans going to do with some spare time? Aside from leaving for warmer climates? Yes, there's skating, skiing, snowmobiling and the like, but we can only spend so much time outside before, well, frost bite sets in! So, how about some warm and cozy classes! Some great things are being offered over the next few months in Manitoba, particularly in Winnipeg! First, the Organic Council is offering 'Crop Rotation for the Market Gardener'? on January 15th in Winnipeg. Or 'Marketing for the Farmers Market Vendor' later in January. Check out these classes and others here.

Manitoba Eco Network has some great listings! They've got film festivals, community forums and some great workshops coming up. I like 'Naturescape: Prairie Transformations for Urban Gardeners' and 'Naturescape: Urban Eatin' garden Co-op Indoor Gardener Workshop'. Check it out here!

And don't forget the 'Growing Local Conference' organized by Food Matters Manitoba, February 24 - 26 in Winnipeg. Feature speaker this year is Joel Salatin of Food Inc., yes, the Joel Salatin! I think our friend Dwayne of Logan Farms will be speaking, too! Lots of great info if you're interested in eating local and producing local food! Get more info on the conference here.

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  1. all sounds good stuff...much better to be warm indoors than get frostbite...happy new year to you all....