Sunday, November 29, 2009

Still on the To-Do List

There are still jobs to be done, aside from the daily feeding and care of chickens. One of the big ones, which we're dreading, is the cleaning of the greenhouse. The greenhouse becomes a dumping ground all summer. As we plant out the seedlings, we tend to dump the empty flats back inside. As we work through the spring and summer, we tend to dump the sprayer, or broken sprinkler heads or whatever in the greenhouse. It's a convenient spot, it's a lean-to structure on the barn, right beside Farmer Man's shop, close to the house. Then, in fall, we clean out pots of stuff we've had around the house and dump those pots. And then, we tend to dump tools that need cleaning before putting away for winter. Well, you get the picture. Furthermore, because we take the windows out late in the spring, and never get them back in in a timely fashion, it has rained and blown leaves into the greenhouse. It's a disaster! And why we keep finding something else to do......


  1. Kinda like my back room (and my basement). But I'm going to tackle both starting when I'm off over Christmas, and by spring they will both be on good order! I can't stand the clutter anymore. So, I'm with you in spirit as you and Farmer Man start the big clean-up!!

  2. PS: It's your middle sister!

  3. I've seen your backroom - good luck with that!!! XOXO