Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pigs' Porridge

Part of the winterizing is cleaning out the garage, which acts as Headquarters Central during the Farmers' Market season. We've been curing potatoes, squash and onions in there before they go to the root cellar. We also brought back product from the Green Spot, which we were able to store there between markets. The lush, humid atmosphere of the Green Spot was not the ideal place to store winter squash; some mold and mildew got started on the skin. So now, we've got to go through everything before it goes down into the root cellar. Anything bashed, scratched, nicked or knocked cannot go to the cellar - it will be the first to rot and can 'infect' (so to speak) anything stored beside it. So, The Berks are getting a special treat - largely perfectly good winter squash and cabbage that can't be held to long. We can't eat it fast enough, we only have small sales through the winter and it's just tooooo much stuff! It's mostly the ugly stuff, which we'd rather not sell anyway. We've got better stuff for our customers! The Berks will love it!

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