Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dark Days Challenge Meal

If you haven't heard, we're taking the Dark Days Challenge '09 from the blog (not so)Urban Hennery. It's about eating local through the winter - not everyday, which would mean giving up so much (bananas!). So, here is our local meal for the first week of November. Organic lamp chops from our friends Logan Farms of Wawanesa, which Farmer Boy coated with bread crumbs, powdered mustard and tarragon, then baked. On top of the chops, from our garden, Pink Fir Apple potatoes, a rare and yummy fingerling that Farmer Boy hardly ever lets us eat because he's trying to increase his seed stock. Then, he simply roasted four different kinds of winter squash we grew. Sort of a squash-off. They all look similar, so he differentiated by the cut of the squash. From right to left: butternut squash, a Kabocha called 'Confection', 'Jaspee de Vende' which was advertised as so sweet you can eat it raw, and finally 'Long Island Cheese' pumpkin. The lamp chops were divine! The Pink Fir Apple delicious: a nutty, waxy potato. The butternut and the Kabocha very good; the Jaspee and Long Island both a bit of a disappointment. I don't think either of the last two squashes were actually mature, the flavour was blah. The butternut and Kabocha were quite delightful: sweet, nutty and great texture. Rather a bland colour palette though - we have to work on our food styling!

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