Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eating Local

I've joined the Dark Days Challenge from the blog (not so) Urban Hennery, trying to eat locally produced food at least once a week during the winter. Especially here on the snowbound Prairies this can be a challenge! It's hard to read some of my favourite blogs where they are talking about planting winter greens on the West Coast or in the Deep South. But here's an excellent tip from Harrowsmith Magazine's Lorne Elliott, who has a great piece on his efforts to be self-sufficient. His search started in an effort to replace lemon juice, which he seems to love for salads and such. He went to an old Indian recipe which uses sumac, a native shrub with red, velvety seed heads. When the seed heads are rubbed in water, he says it produces an excellent lemon flavour. There's one for us Prairie folk to try!

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