Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Squash Primer, Part 1

We love summer squash. And there is soooo much more to the group than just zucchini. Summer squash, by general definition, are the squash with edible skin. They are usually ready mid-summer, earlier then winter squash, and do not store well. On the right, in the picture, is classic zucchini - this is black zucchini with a dark green skin, the most common sold in grocery stores. Next to it is golden zucchini, a variety called Goldrush. The golden zucchinis have a more delicate flavour and texture. In the middle of the photo is Italian Largo, in the Romanesco or Striata group. It has very delicate flesh, with few seeds and a nutty herbal flavour. The last two on the left are from the Middle Eastern or Cousa group. Second from the left is Lolita, and last on the left is Magda. Very distinct nutty flavour, white, firm flesh. All the summer squash are great raw, sauteed, stuffed, roasted, and in soups and stews. We find we use the firmer fleshed varieties like Magda more for soups, stews and stuffing. One of our regulars at the Farmers Markets, Charlotte, used thinly sliced Largo in place of noodles in a vegetarian lasagna. Yummmmmm!!

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