Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sharon Trains for the Markets!

Sharon's getting a crash course on working the Farmers' Market. I'm sneaking away next week; it's totally unheard of for one of us to leave in the summer, but we've had such great help this year that we figured it was possible. So, Sharon's going to be Farmer Boy's sidekick all next week. She's eaten some of our veggies, but we loaded her up with more to eat this weekend so that she has personal experience. We think it's really important to have eaten what we sell so that you can talk to customers about taste, texture and preparation. She's learned about hauling around big signs, big, folding tables and big crates of veggies, doing displays with our collection of wicker baskets, and she's learned the old Farmers' Market saying 'Pile 'em high, watch 'em buy!' She's over-heard our standard explanation of all the different potatoes and summer squashes; hard to retain all the information. But, she'll do great: she's good with the public, fast on her feet and and can take a hectic pace. Good luck, Sharon!

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