Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CSA on a Hot Summer Day!

Finally, a day that feels like real summer! First time we've really had to worry about things wilting, including us and the staff. Maybe the darn cucumbers will grow now (note to self: water cucumbers tomorrow). A good pick on raspberries for everyone; probably the last of the raspberries for CSA. As the crop wanes and the picking gets harder, it is less worth our time to pick. Probably some raspberries for the weekend Farmers' Markets and then that will be that. Linda came through again today: some gorgeous broccoli and snow peas for everyone, pac choi for the Full Shares. For us, onto some more interesting potato varieties, a wee share of our precious garlic (Farmer Boy has to talk pretty fast to get me to part with any of it!).

So, for the Full Shares: large bag snow peas, large broccoli, large dragon tongues bean, large Sangria red potato (currently our favourite potato), small bag fingerling potato (either banana or Linzer delicata), bunch of onions, two bunches of carrots, bunch of pac choi, 3 pints raspberries and garlic.

For the Part Shares: small bag snow peas, small broccoli, bag of dragon tongues beans, medium bag of Sangria red potatoes, small bag of fingerling (either banana or Linzer delicata), bunch of onions, bunch of carrots, garlic and two pints raspberries.

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