Tuesday, August 4, 2009

CSA Today!

It's a beautiful day after a rather disappointing long weekend. Saturday was alright but Sunday and Monday rather cold and blustery. I got up this morning to find Farmer Boy running around in shorts, a T-shirt, a heavy fleece and his Nordic toque with ear flaps! Wish I'd been together enough to get a picture, but I hadn't even had coffee yet. Put the family to work almost right away - niece Laura is weighing and packaging snow peas, sister Keltie is portioning fresh dill (awesome sprinkled on the new potatoes!)

Linda has come through big time again this week! Beautiful broccoli (how does she do it - and organically, too!), pak choi and snow peas. We're getting the first big pick on beans - we're taking Dragon Tongue, a heritage Dutch butter bean/Bortollo bean meaning big and flat. It's our favourite snap bean, big and meaty but stringless, with a mild bean taste. It can be left to grow on and dried for soup and stew beans, but we usually end of taking them all as fresh beans.
So, this week the Full Shares have: 2 lbs. Norland potatoes, 1 lb. Banana potatoes, 1 lb. snow peas, 1 lb. Dragon Tongue Beans, bunch of beets, broccoli, pak choi, 3 summer squash, 4 pints raspberries, fresh dill and fresh basil.

Part Shares have: 2 lbs Norland potatoes, 1/2 lb. snow peas, 1 lb. Dragon Tongue Beans, pak choi, broccoli, 2 summer squash, 2 pints raspberries, bag of spicy mesclun mix with nasturium blossoms, fresh dill and fresh basil.


  1. Norah, I like to read your blogs. I catch up ever y little while. I have neglected my tomato plants this week. I had so many flowers on them and since I haven't been watering daily, many and most of those little flowers have died. Will the plants still produce new ones? can tomatoes still grow in the place of the dried flowers?? I'm hoping I can get lots and make salsaaaaaaa

    aerlan =0)

  2. Your tomato flowers may be gone because fruit has set, so the petals have fallen off. You'll know in a few days if you find little tiny green balls hanging there. Yes, they will flower again; keep them happy with lots of water and fertilize with a tomato or fruit food with the last number of the three the highest.