Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CSA - Middle of August!

Hard to believe August is more than half done! It was cool enough last night to make one think is might be the middle of September. We got down to 4 C. (about 40 F.), not cozy for us or the veggies. After all the rain of the weekend, cool temperatures can lead to root rot and other nasty surprises, so we are certainly hoping it warms up promptly! (Will we ever get a ripe tomato?)

We'd like to apologize right now if things seem a little dirty to our CSA members. Things were actually filthy from all the rain and we have washed down everything, some things twice and they still seem gritty. So, careful in your food preparation, please!

Linda has provided the pak choi, snow peas and broccoli today. We foresee some good stir fries! We're pleased to welcome Bryan and Sarah of Creekside Organics as a growing partner today! Bryan and Sarah have provided the lettuce. We're so happy to add their great product to the mix, especially since we've had problems with our lettuce production all season. Farmer Boy has now declared raspberry season finished: we got a pint for everybody but it took a long time!

So, in the baskets this week: Full Shares have 5 lbs. Norland potatoes, 2 lbs. Russian Blue potatoes, one veggie marrow (please see preceding post), 1 patty pan, bundle of pak choi, 2 bags mixed beans, 1 small bag snow peas, 2 bags lettuce, bundle of green onions, 2 bundles of cooking onions, 2 bundles of carrots, 1 pint raspberries, one cabbage, a small bundle basil.

This week the Part Shares have 3 lbs. Sangria potatoes, 1.5 lbs. Russian Blue potatoes, 1 patty pan squash, 1 bag mixed beans, small bag snow peas, bag of broccoli, bundle of green onions, bundle of cooking onions, bag of lettuce, bundle of carrots, pint of raspberries, bundle of basil.

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  1. 4C!! That's ridiculous!
    My fingers hurt from the cold weather Monday whilst thinning carrots. Sometimes I just want it to be over!!! :)