Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Good to Have Help!

It's soooo good to have good help! We blogged about Frank; Frank didn't work out. It's happened before - they work a few days, then they have trouble getting out here, family emergency, blah, blah, blah. So we put an ad in the newspaper and got a couple of lukewarm responses. Then, we thought we'd try ebrandon, the local Internet site. Well, we got a slew of responses and a wealth of excellent applicants. Farmer Boy was ecstatic! We haven't blogged about them in case they failed to show up for their second day of work, but everybody has now been working a couple of weeks and showing up everyday and everything!! Just like real employees! It's awesome! So much is getting done around here - we may actually get caught up this year. We could win the battle with the weeds! And, right now, we're getting lots of berries picked; a great volume for CSA and to take to Farmers' Markets. They are a great group of people, we want them to come back every year; we'd consider adopting them! And we're in the position to be quite flexible; some work a couple of days a week, some start at 7:00 AM, some start later. And, as the harvest improves, they get bonus veggies and eggs, which they seem to enjoy. It's turning out to be a good year, after all! In the back row: Brian and Serhiy, middle row is Sharon, Annette and Claudette, front row is Eric, Vartan and Kathryn.

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