Tuesday, July 28, 2009

CSA Will Be Berry, Berry Happy!

It is a gorgeous summer day today; an excellent day to be preparing for CSA and the wee Neighbourhood Country Market at Stanley Park. Not too hot, not too windy and veggies looking good. We've started the morning with a BIG pick of raspberries - it's good to be in the prickly bushes in the cool of early morning when long sleeves are possible. The picking is incredibly easy right now: it's a very efficient process when it's this easy! Linda has come through again with some gorgeous snow peas, broccoli, lettuce and, probably new for some of our members, pac choi. This Oriental leafy green is superb in stir fries: chop a little onion, maybe some mushrooms or summer squash, and toss in oil. For a real Oriental taste one could use sesame oil and add a bit of oyster sauce, for a Thai flavour use chili paste instead of oyster sauce. Pac choi can also be used like beet greens or Swiss chard: boiled or steamed. Very nutritious!

We've got a good haul of raspberries for the CSA members. If it seems a bit much for fresh eating, the berries freeze beautifully. We like the method of freezing on a cookie sheet; go through the berries and clean, lay them out on a cookie sheet (not touching, if possible) and throw the cookie sheet in the freezer. Portion into freezer packs or containers later: the berries stay more as individuals rather than freezing in one big lump. We always try to have some of our own raspberries with Christmas dinner - it takes us back to summer in the cold of December! Also in the baskets this week: saskatoons from our neighbours the Webers. They are growing chemical-free and the berries are luscious this year! They are open for U-pick and can do some custom pick; call them at 204-728-0664.

A little something special in the Full Shares this week: nasturtium blossoms. They are very good eating, a light, peppery taste. Take the flowers, swish gently in water, blot dry and then use clean scissors to cut the petals from the heads. A nice little pick of baby summer squashes for everybody, an assortment of Papaya Pear, Golden and Green Zucchini, and Romanesque. Great for sauteing with the Pac Choi!

So, in the Full Shares: broccoli, pac choi, red leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, 3 lbs. baby Norland potatoes, bundle of onions, 2 lbs. snow peas, 4 pints raspberries, 3 pints saskatoons, assorted summer squash, nasturtium blossoms, Swiss chard and a bundle of beets.

In the Part Shares: pac choi, 2 lbs. baby Norland potatoes, bundle of onions, 1 lb. snow peas, 2 pints raspberries, 2 pints saskatoons, assorted summer squash,lettuce, Swiss chard and beets.

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  1. Hi folks,

    Just ate a wonderous stir-fry of the fresh produce we picked up from you this past Tuesday - so delicious and packed with flavour. Signing up with you was probably the best decision we have made all year.

    Thank you.