Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Girls, Meet Rocky!

After a family emergency that took us away from the farm for a few days, we're back and we are sooooo far behind. Amazing what weeds can do if left on their own for a few days! So much to try to catch up on but our first priority was picking up our new rooster! We've been looking through chicken books we've acquired and Farmer Boy really liked the look of Barred Rocks. Two days later, a rooster shows up on ebrandon, our local web gathering spot. Ten dollars for a beautiful young rooster. So we gathered up the dog crate and took a little drive in the country. Rocky came with Colleen's little flock and they didn't want a rooster. So, he moved to Aagaard Farms! We were a little unsure of how to introduce him to our girls. When we got him home we put him, in the dog crate, into the chicken's pasture. Farmer Boy got bold and just opened the door to the crate, whereas I'd been thinking of leaving him there over night so everyone could get use to each other. Rocky did fine. A couple of skirmishes, nothing major, no feathers flying. He settled right into the roost with them that night and everything is good.

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