Thursday, July 2, 2009

Farmers' Markets in Full Swing!

It's July and Farmers Market Season is in full swing. This Saturday is the first Farmer's Market at Riverbank Discovery Centre! That's just great except we will have very little to sell. In this cold spring not much has germinated well, and everything is slow. The asparagus is about finished and what we do have we will take to the Friday Night Farmers Market at Shoppers Mall. So, we will have onions and some radishes. CSA is suppose to start next Tuesday and we may have to delay it - not much point in dragging our families out for a couple of bundles of onions and radish (especially with no lettuce to put with them!)This is the first year ever we've even had trouble with the germination of the Swiss chard! We could get some bundles of fresh herbs together; sage and lemon balm that we over-wintered in the house in pots are doing very well, but how much fresh sage do most people use?

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