Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Excellent Weekend for Farmers' Markets

Finally, it feels like summer here in Manitoba. Only took until the third week in July! The Friday Night Farmers' Market is developing nicely - it's got its' own regulars now, people we don't see at the other markets. And they are quite enthusiastic about fresh, local food. We're also getting some travellers; drop-ins who see the action from the road and pull in. There is certainly something to be said for a high profile location! Friday night was a bit windy - we took our tent down early, Mann Apiaries had to take theirs down when it started to levitate!

Saturday's Farmers' Market at Riverbank Discovery Centre was perfect! It was a gorgeous day, and the setting is sooooo delightful it just felt great. Variety is improving at all the markets - but vegetables have been slow to grow for everybody. We had a hit with our raspberries and some baby summer squash. Our cucumbers don't want to grow, so were we surprised when Farmer Boy took a stroll in the squash and found some gorgeous baby Papaya Pear, Romanesque and Golden Zucchini. Made some customers very happy!


  1. My cucumbers seem to be just as stubborn!

  2. Frozen in time? That's what ours seem to be like.