Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CSA for Tuesday, July 30th

Being off the Web for ten days really put a kink in things!  Sorry for no newsletter last week!  I'm still a wee bit miffed it took our service provider ten days to fix their equipment> bygones.....

Anyhoo, down on the farm there is really starting to be too much rain and not enough sun.  Things are developing slowly and some things, like summer squashes, are showing signs of rot in the fruit!  Peppers and tomatoes are not setting fruit very quickly and what fruit has set seems to just sit in limbo.  Admittedly, lettuces are doing well in the cool and moist conditions.

Because we were off line last week there was no newsletter, so our growing partners Amanda and Ed did not get 'props' for growing those lovely cabbage.  They've provided again this week, cabbage for everybody!  Love Amanda's 'recipe' for growing gorgeous cabbage without chemicals:  she dusts them with a mix of flour, cayenne pepper and chili pepper seeds to ward off those nasty cabbage moths!  We were hearing some great things that people were doing with cabbage last week including a wide variety of coleslaw recipes and a cabbage roll casserole or lasagna using cabbage leaves instead of pasta.

Included in your box this week is an order form for a great little product we ran across at Global Market.  Marketed locally, these mixes are dairy and gluten free and easy-peasy!  If you're interested we will give it two weeks and then put in a group order.  Email if you have any questions!

So, in the boxes this week:

FULL SHARES:  Large cabbage, large bag of green beans, small bag of purple or yellow beans, mix of multiplier and baby yellow onions, summer squash, large bag 'Red Sails' leaf lettuce, medium bag of 'Grand Rapids' leaf lettuce, bundle of Romaine lettuce, two pints of raspberries with most of you getting a pint of Mammoth and a pint of Boyne, bag of new Norland red potatoes.

PART SHARES:  Medium cabbage, large bag mixed purple and yellow beans, multiplier onions, summer suqash, medium bag of 'Red Sails' leaf lettuce, medium bag of 'Grand Rapids' leaf lettuce, small bundle of Romaine, 2 pints raspberries, bag of new Norland red potatoes.

SINGLE SHARES:  Small cabbage, small bag of green beans, onions, summer squash, small bag of 'Red Sails' leaf lettuce, small bag of 'Grand Rapids' leaf lettuce, two pints raspberries, medium bag of new Norland red potatoes.

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