Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CSA for Tuesday, July 17th

Internet problems all day today, and evidence even now that I still have problems.  I'm not even going to try to include a picture, to make sure this gets posted in a timely fashion.

Raspberries are in full swing!  We got a good pick on the Red Mammoth, the big, paler red berry, today. The old stand-by Boyne, which everyone got last week, is smaller and a darker red.  Would love to see in the comments below which berry you prefer!  We've actually had great losses in the raspberries over the winter and will have to re-plant, so we're interested in which you like better!

If you're not going to eat all your raspberries promptly, we highly recommend getting them out of the little container.  Berries on the bottom will get crushed and will be more prone to mold!  Don't want to waste any!  If you'd like to extend your raspberry harvest, how about making raspberry vinegar?  Homemade, fresh raspberry vinegar for salads is incredible, and will keep for up to six months!  Put one cup of raspberries into a sterilized jar (wash well, rinse with hot, then boiling water) and add vinegar to cover.  White wine vinegar is most commonly used, but good old regular vinegar works, too!  Make sure the berries are covered by the vinegar. Tightly cover and let the mixture sit three to four weeks in a cool, dark place.  When the time is up, strain and pour your vinegar  into a clean, sterilized bottle.  Don't discard the raspberries - they'll be awesome as is in a salad or on some fresh, local pickerel or another white fish.  Maybe with pork chops?  To make a vinaigrette salad dressing mix with an oil like canola, sunflower or olive!

Nice pick on baby zucchini and summer squash today!  This is the gourmet size: before the seeds have developed, and the texture is just like butter! The long dark green are ...zucchini, which everyone is probably familiar with.  The long yellow are 'Gold Rush', and the golden zucchini is just a wee bit more buttery and tender than green.  The pale green ovals are known as Moroccan or Lebanese squash.  They're going to be a bit firmer, with a bit more of a nutty flavor.  Anything you would do with a zucchini you can do with any summer squash.  Grated or sliced for salads, sliced and diced for stir fries, cut into strips for veggie plates!  Very versatile, these little summer squash!

So, for the FULL SHARES:  A pint each of Red Mammoth and Boyne raspberries, bundle of radish, bundle of green onions, 'Grand Rapids' lettuce, a bundle of specialty lettuce either arugula, mizuna or mustard greens, assorted summer squash.

PART SHARES: A pint of each of the raspberries, green onions, Romaine lettuce, assorted summer squash.

SINGLE SHARES: A pint of Mammoth raspberries, green onion, butter lettuce, assorted summer squash.!


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  1. Boyne is the consensus at our house!

    Arugula a hit too.