Thursday, July 12, 2012

CSA for July 12, 2012!

First rinse of the 'Grand Rapids'!
Oh, My Heavens!  What a fabulous CSA pick up!  Thank you to all our members, such a nice evening seeing you all.  Some of our returning members moved to Thursday night and a delight to see them all! (Hi, Norma! Hi, Irene!  Almost too busy to talk to you!  And Irene, I owe you fifty cents for returning jam jars!)  So many new members on Thursday nights and it was so great to meet you all!  And so nice, even though it wasn't a fabulous box.  We've got a couple of people who volunteered to come help with some weeding (woot, woot!), we've got a fellow goat-keeper, love that we've got a day care picking up this year, and we've got some awesome fresh food-lovin' people, some of whom we know well from Farmers Markets!  I think we can throw anything at this group and we'll learn a few groovy cooking tips from them!

We were up at 6:00 AM to harvest raspberries and potatoes for CSA and were greeted by thunder, lightening and a steady rain before I even had my coffee finished!  Raspberries are quite delicate, and wet raspberries in a container are a recipe for mold and mush!  As the rain continued through the milking of the goats, feeding of chickens and right through 9:30 AM it became obvious we wouldn't be getting into the potato field.  (Leon, we promise, swear there will be new potatoes for Thursday's group next week!)  Finally got into the raspberries about 2:00 PM (just as it got hot) but only got a little pick.  A good taste for everybody, though!

We can absolutely use some rain - it's been so hot and dry and the dug-out has become half empty in the past week!  Once the rain quit it was still a little 'mushy' in a few spots but we got harvesting, albeit a little late!  It was relatively easy to pull onions and radishes.  I must say the lettuces were splattered with rain and quite filthy.  We've washed them but they are still going to need a really good rinse!  First little pick on zucchini's, although just enough this week for the Full Shares.

So in everybody's box this week:  Loose leaf lettuce 'Grand Rapids', baby Romaine lettuce, yellow onions, radish, garlic scapes, raspberries and, for the Full Shares only, some baby zucchinis - actually the perfect, gourmet size but many people at Farmers Markets don't want to believe us!  Don't worry, you will all get some big ones, too!  They just seem to appear overnight!

See you next week!

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