Thursday, July 19, 2012

CSA for July 19th

We're still having computer problems and I've had to revert to an old computer running Windows XP.  (Some of you are laughing right now...)  Any way, Blogger doesn't like it and it won't seem to allow me to add a picture.  I have a very nice picture of Deborah in the raspberry patch but, I can't seem to share it with you!  It also won't let me spell-check so, even though I have re-read is late.....


Harvest interuptus....that was today when a strange, thunder cloud rolled over about noon.  I was in the raspberry patch, Farmer Man was in te potato field, Henry and Derrick had just arrived to help us prepare.  The sound came first: I though they were doing some heavy work in the distant railway yards at first.  The sound increased, a big black cloud loomed and when some lightening appeared directly south, everyone got to a safe place.  Including the goats, who we got out of the pasture and all into the barn safely.  In about twenty minutes it was all over and moving south and east of us.  No rain, just plenty of sound effects!  Then, did it ever get hot and steamy for the afternoon.

I did, indeed, spend the morning in the raspberries.  CSA member Deborah came to help this morning, and what a pleasure to have.  We're a little particular about our raspberries; I pride myself on picking good berries with little debris.  Deborah gets that - and there's no leaves or twigs in her buckets!  The lettuce may be a little dirty some times, but the raspberries we like clean!  I like picking and eating raspberries now, the raspberries have been producing for about a week and there's a good variety of flavor sensations!   There's the  'just barely' ripe red/orange berries with a bit more crunch and texture, the nicely ripe bright red berries just softening and full of flavor and there's the fully sun-ripened deep red berries, a little softer and juicier, with flavors a little more mellow!   Everyone did get some Red Mammoth today - and we are interested in knowing if you have a preference for last week's Boyne or the Mammoth!  Just leave a comment on the blog!  Check Tuesday's post for easy instructions for raspberry vinegar, a great way to keep enjoying your berries for months to come!

Thursday got new potatoes this week: still quite small sizes but absolutely yummy.  There was a mix picked: the red potatoes were Aladin, the white potatoes were Warba.  Nothing like a new potato!  Like much of what we picked today - the babies don't hold well or keep, please eat them promptly!  And you all know not to put potatoes in the fridge, right?  And never in a bright, sunny place, right?  The potato harvest should start to get a little more reliable in the next few weeks but you may have noticed some of the tiny sizes in your bags.  Grow, potatoes, grow! 

Everyone got some arugula or rocket in their boxes this week.  This is a great addition to salads, with a bit of nutty, a bit of astringency, a bit of peppery!  Try a little plain: if you love it slice it into bigger pieces for a salad, if you're not sure dice it fine for a 'hint' here and there in a salad.

So in today's boxes: FULL, PART and SINGLE Shares all, in various quantities, got: Baby potatoes, Romaine lettuce, arugula, green or multiplier onions, raspberries, and a mix of green and yellow zucchini.

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