Monday, August 15, 2011

What's That? Corn, You Say?

The Chicks check it out!

Rocky and The Hens know what to do!
All our animals get food off the farm.  Teddy Bear, the little doggie, loves to sneak baby potatoes.  We've discovered the goats love zucchini and garlic scapes.  The garlic scapes thing was an accidental discovery, when they got out one day.  Wouldn't have thought garlic and goats, but hey!  Today, we had some cooked corn on the cob, left over from a party.  Chickens and goats get corn in their grain ration, but in a dried form.  All the chickens and the goats got a little corn on the cob to try today.  The Hens and Rocky, went for it in a shot.  They may have had some last year, I don't recall.  The goats found it an interesting challenge.  In case you don't know, goats only have teeth on the bottom jaw, the top jaw is a smooth palate - more about grabbing and mashing twigs and leaves.  The poor goatlings just couldn't get a grip on the corn.  It turned into a bit of a frenzy, as they decided they liked the taste but just couldn't control the cob.  Then they got their hooves in to the action and things went well!  And The Chicks?  Well, The Chicks just didn't know what to do.  We forget, as they have grown quickly, that they are not quite three months old, and so much is new.  They were a little scared of the cobs I gently tossed out.  A full fifteen minutes of walking up to, looking and then walking on ensued.  Finally, some bold chicken took a peck - and liked it!  As soon as one was pecking, the rest tried it and the cobs were soon clean!  A little treat for everyone!

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