Sunday, August 7, 2011

Teaching New Tricks, or Losing Control?

Farmer Man thought the goatlings seemed a little restless this morning, so he decided to take them out for a walk.  A little ramble would do them good.  He was gone for a while, probably up to the big back field, let the Girls browse naturally on some of the willow trees that bisect our property.  He decided, apparently, to bring them by the house as the company was just getting up and may enjoying saying 'good morning' to the cute little goaties.  Well, a little pandemonium ensued as the Girls got a little frisky.  Jumping up on tables, kicking up their heels, into the garage, tearing at some Swiss Chard, going through the compost pail, knocking over buckets!  Our Goat Whisperer got them back under control and quickly herded them back to their pasture.  Now a little cleaning and disinfecting will have to go on, something that was not on the agenda for our 'day off'!

1 comment:

  1. I had a laugh at the stand off in this picture. Was he going to trap a goat in the bucket?