Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CSA for August 2, 2011

Putting the sisters and nieces to work!
A mix of weather, from cool to steamy hot, this week!  Things are growing quite well!  First good pick on zucchini; some for everybody!  Also, the first harvest of our hardneck garlic, and it is zingy!  Really flavorful: proceed with caution.  If you like garlic and you've only ever had the (to our taste buds) rather 'drab' stuff from the supermarket, you're going to love this!

Linda Boys kicked in some lovely edible pod Snow Peas for the Part Shares.  She also brought peas, which we combined with our first pick.  The interesting thing, always, is deciding on how to divide up the harvest because the quantity of the pick is never for certain.  We get back up to the work station, weigh the item and then decide if it divides nicely into twenty seven families or just enough for the Full Shares, or a good pick for the Part Shares.  Always, we're trying to remember who got what previously, so that each share gets a good shot at some of the 'rarer' items, like snow peas.

It's summer, so that means:  company!  This week, for us, that means the free labor of sisters and nieces!  This year I'm getting rare 'double dip' of both my sisters, and each one brought a daughter!  Keltie and her daughter Meg from Edmonton, and sister Cathy and her daughter Laura from Red Deer arrived last night for a weeks' stay.  They were all heavily involved in CSA today, picking beans, cutting lettuce, cleaning, weighing and packaging.

In every body's box this week is the herb Greek oregano.  This is closely related to the marjoram that everyone had a few weeks ago but.....the Greek oregano has quite a spicy kick!  Try a leaf!  Initially tastes rather like the marjoram, but after two or three seconds...you'll get a little surprise.  This herb is awesome, obviously, with Greek food.  If you're doing kebabs or any kind of marinade it is an excellent addition.  If you like a little spice, it will be very good chopped fine and added to your salad mix.  If you really think it may not be for you, trade it at the Farmers Market table!

So for the FULL SHARES:  4 lbs. Aladin red potatoes (a neat little potato with a delicate double skin, jut needs a scrub), garlic, small bag of peas, zucchini, mixed onions, 4 pints raspberries, 2 bags of lettuce mix, 'Dragon Tongue' beans, green beans, bunch of Greek oregano.

For the PART SHARES:  2 lbs. 'Aladin' red potatoes, garlic, small bag peas, snow peas, zucchini, mixed onions, 2 pints raspberries, lettuce mix, 'Dragon Tonuge' beans, green beans, bunch of Greek oregano.

At the time of posting, there existed a possibility that Menno and Evelyn Isaac may arrive at the CSA pick up with a little 'something-something' (hint: red and round), but probably only enough for the Full Shares.  But, everyone will get 'something-something' soon!


  1. The free labour had fun helping you get ready for tonight!


  2. Truly enjoying our CSA boxes. Wish I had read the blog before I popped the oregano into my mouth. The raspberries started disappearing in a hurry.


  3. Farmer Man could have said something about the Greek oregano when you picked up, Norma! The raspberries would quench it quite nicely!

  4. I hadn't really thought about all the work of dividing up the veggies for shares. Much more complicated than I would have suspected!