Friday, October 22, 2010

Say Goodbye to the Robins

We love our birds here at Aagaard Farms. We're not inclined to wear our iPods when working out in the field; we like listening to the sounds of nature. We've been taking down the hummingbird and oriole feeders and dusting off the suet holders! Yesterday, the robins came through, probably for the last time. The big old Dolgo crabapple tree is loaded with fruit; even though I made a couple batches of jelly and shared some crabapples with our friend Nancy, the tree still has tons of fruit! I look forward to different birds visiting it through the winter, we often get a flock of cedar waxwings sometime around Christmas - a thrill to watch! But, yesterday, a flock of robins descended! There must have been fifteen or twenty, something we don't often see. They were all over the tree and underneath the tree, feasting on fallen crabs. Much fluttering, tweeting and chirping for about an hour - and then they were gone! And we may not see them again until April!


  1. Your Robins may stay around for the sweet crabapples. I have hundreds in my little Crabapple orchard. They will be around here all winter. ;>)

  2. We hear the rare story about one over-wintering in Manitoba. I'd worry about them at minus 35 degrees C! I think i'd rather see them head south then put up with the cold!

  3. Your post made me realize that the robins have left us and I did not notice. Must have been the iPod